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Royal (Loyal) Directions

“Data is King and Content is Queen” Trudi Hollis

When running mentoring sessions, I often use the above expression above to emphasise the importance and need to interconnect the two areas of marketing I believe reap the best return on investment for small business.

In the first instance is the King. The King is all powerful. He holds all the cards – and the treasure.  He is the master of the people, the owner of the database. He has all the lists, knows everyone and everything about everyone. The only problem is, knowing all the people in the land is no use if you don’t have something to share with them. This is where the Queen is of great use to her husband – in fact without her, the people of the land would think him a boring old sod who had nothing of interest to share.

(Stay with me)

So, when the Queen realises that farmers need new clothes and that the tailors are running out of food, she plants an idea. “Oh husband, why don’t you suggest to the farmers that they exchange some of their milk and barley for some clothes from the tailor”, the King can really come into his own, and seem like the knowledgeable leader he is supposed to be!

In my experience with both big and small business, there are two things that when combined, consistently deliver results. The first is the database. This is the list of clients that have transacted or shown a strong desire to transact with your business in the past. They know you, they trust you and are more likely to return and purchase once more. The second is the clear offer that brings them back. Be it value proposition or a specific product offer, this is the message that you send to this loyal following to encourage them to spend more.

So my royal decree for you

  1. If you have not already start collecting your current clients data (NAME: EMAIL: PHONE: PRODUCT/SERVICE PURCHASED OR ENQUIRED ON as a minimum)
  2. Start using this data to it’s ensure a return on investment with regular offer and reinforcement of the value you can provide them



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