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At Marketing Directions we love to share our passion for marketing and the results it can achieve, hence we offer a Marketing Mentoring service. Like all training opportunities, whether a mentor or a mentee, it is vital you be prepared and ready for action. We adhere these five protocols to be the best mentors we can.

  1. We get the facts – we like to start with a questionnaire for our clients to gauge the needs of the client on both an individual and company level.
  2. We listen – our first session is all about engaging the client. With a series of probing questions out of the way, it is the client’s turn to really open up about who they are, what they hope to achieve and what challenges/opportunities they see in getting there.
  3. We provide structure – we find it imperative that we not only give our clients structure for their marketing, but also structure for the sessions themselves. Knowing what to expect allows mentees fully engage in the process.
  4. We set tasks – Ok so no one likes to feel like they are back in school doing homework but having something to work on is the best way to learn. It also shows both the Mentor and the Mentee what works best in the relationship and which skill sets can be improved.
  5. Feedback – we don’t like this, we love it. We give it and we take it because we all want to get better at what we are doing.

And our top three tips for Mentees (as provided by past clients)…

  1. Be Open – the more information you share, the greater insights your Mentor has into your business and your ability to make it exceptional.
  2. Ask Questions – we all come together with different experiences and therefore have a different way of viewing things. It is a cliché but a true one; there are no silly questions, just silly people who wont ask the questions.
  3. Give and take – do the tasks assigned to you. Be honest about the time taken and challenges to complete them. This will enable your Mentor to make the process easier for you to manage and improve your desire to complete it.

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