Leveraging Directions

On a recent flight from Brisbane, the cast of The Lion King broke into song. The whole event was of course captured on a smart phone, uploaded to YouTube and became a hit with over 6,000,000 views in 24 hours. The song was uplifting and the performance spontaneous – it made people feel good.

This is the age of immediate marketing and it is not uncommon for businesses to get a sudden hit of enquiry or sales as a result of these types of events. However, it is the companies that learn to use linkage and leverage that get the greatest longevity out of the opportunity.

Within 24 hours of this occurring, the Virgin team had created a blog post, linked it to the video and posted it via Richard Branson’s handle on multiple social media channels. Furthermore, the commentary highlighted how they would like to see this become “a regular fixture on flights”.


Virgin is not a a sponsor of The Lion King but have been able to leverage an experience with their product to gain maximum exposure. They have recognized the appeal of the performance to a broader market and engaged with their customers.

Now, Virgin is a big business with a big team to make these things happen but small business can tap into these opportunities too. Every time something new and exciting happens in or around your business, ask yourself “How can I get linkage to this and how can I leverage my exposure?”

A bakery might ask for a photo with a local celebrity who comes in holding what they bought and request permission to put it on the wall of the shop and on social media.

A carpenter might have created a space that is like those appearing on popular renovating shows. Share the images of work you have done and relate them to the show.

Whatever marketing you do, always look for opportunities for Linkage and Leverage to maximize your exposure and further engage with your target audience.

If you have not yet seen the clip? Check it our here.

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